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Fountain of spices

You can grown a various amount of aromatic spices not just in your garden or a small flowerpot , but even in a  clay pot. Most suitable are these that have several openings on the side, mostly used to grow strawberries. Most spices can be grown in such a container, however you will have to consider how big they will get and what space they will require. For example the mint ( Mentha ) isn’t really appropriate as it grows big and requires a lot of space, rosemary on the other hand, which is practically a bush, if it is carefully and regularly trimmed won’t cause problems. Pick a pot ( size is up to you ). Fill it with soil mixture, until it reaches the first hole. Place the first root and then fill it up. In each hole, place a different spice. Fill the pot up to the top, flatten and carefully push the top layer of soil. Water profusely but slowly, so the water can reach the bottom without it flowing away through the holes in the pot. If with time the soil lowers, add a bit more so it reaches the edge. Most suitable for such a project are – thyme, rosemary, basil, salvia, curly parsley, chives etc. The most important thing when maintenance of this aromatic fountain is to regularly harvest spices for your vegetable and meat recipes.


photos : Kremena Dimitrova

Source: Zadoma.com

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